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Genomic Solutions Now

The GSN Team is a group of internationally-recognized experts who are dedicated to helping you learn, understand, and apply genomic testing and interpretation to create optimal health.

  • Dr. Bobbi Kline MD

    Dr. Bobbi Kline MD,
    Co-founder, CEO and Chief Medical Officer

  • Dr. Joe Veltmann PhD

    Dr. Joe Veltmann PhD,
    Co-founder, President and Chief Science Officer

  • Healthcare practitioner.

    Bobbi is board-certified in Ob-Gyn and has over 20 years of experience in women’s health medicine. Desiring a more proactive, rather than reactive, guide to healthcare, she left her traditional practice in search of a more holistic approach and soon integrated functional and energy medicine into her women’s health practice.

    But even after the transition of her practice, she continued to search for the root cause of health and disease. Excited by the new fields of genomics and epigenetics, she recognized their potential to transform lives for generations. But the amount genomic research available was overwhelming and the lack of any clear guide in the clinical application of it was disheartening. So she sought out an expert and was introduced to Dr. Joe Veltmann.

    Joe not only taught her the science and principles of genomics, he showed her how to apply genomic testing to her practice, including holistic health action plans. Blown away by the improved health of her patients (not to mention herself), Bobbi’s enthusiasm for medicine was reignited. She further transformed her practice, successfully incorporating genomic testing and interpretation.

    Passionate Educator.

    Bobbi envisioned larger implications of genomics and soon discovered her passion for teaching extended beyond her patients. Determined to change the healthcare system through education, she expanded her teaching and speaking opportunities. She created and taught the Functional Medicine Module for the master’s degree program with The Graduate Institute. As an Assistant Clinical Professor of the University of New England College of Osteopathic Medicine, she co-created the functional medicine curriculum for the new Family Practice residency. She continues to lecture there on functional and energy medicine, genomics and epigenetics and their impact on health of the mind, body and spirit.

    Leader and Author.

    Believing that change requires empowerment and collaboration, Bobbi co-founded the Connecticut Chapter of the Holistic Chamber of Commerce to help other holistic practitioners gain the business skills and community connections needed to thrive.

    Her recent book, “The Blood Type Cookbook: Easy, Healthy and Delicious Meals for the Whole Family”, written in collaboration with Joe Veltmann, provides a much-needed solution for busy families wanting to incorporate personalized nutrition into their lives.

    With Genomic Solutions NOW!®, co-founded with Dr. Joe Veltmann, Bobbi provides women’s health and genomics expertise, experience in the clinical and business challenges of transforming a practice, and a passion for teaching to help other healthcare providers be on the forefront of the genomics revolution.

    Bobbi successfully achieved her vision to transform her practice. Her success inspired an expanded vision to change the broken system of healthcare in our country. She believes GSN and its members will lead the way.

  • Scientist.

    With over twenty five years as a nutritional research scientist and an equal amount of time as a nutritional, functional and integrative medicine practitioner, Joe Veltmann has made a career of translating lab results into practical clinical application for patients.

    Healthcare practitioner.

    Since the 1990’s, Joe has treated his patients holistically, exploring the inter-relationships between and among a person’s genes, environment, nutrition, emotions, stress, inflammation and spirituality (GENESIS MODEL). His goal was a true preventative medicine model; yet with only information about diseases that were inherited, his model was limited.

    Most people are surprised to hear that inheritance of most chronic disease or cancer is only between 10 to 15%. The remaining 85 to 90% are not inherited by a function of fixed, inherited genes but by an interaction between a person’s modifiable genes (predisposition) and their environment and lifestyle choices (smoking, poor nutrition, alcohol, lack of exercise, stress, toxins, etc).

    Genetic expert.

    When the Human Genome Project was completed in 2000, Joe immediately jumped into the field of genomic testing and interpretation, becoming a certified expert. Now armed with a patient’s-specific DNA data, he was able to use nutrigenomic and pharmacogenomic interventions as an integral part of his holistic model.

    The results were exciting and extremely promising. He was finally able to uncover genetic predispositions for chronic diseases, including cancer, long before signs and symptoms appeared. This allowed him to educate and treat his patients more thoroughly by offering customized action plans – including diet, nutritional supplements, lifestyle choices and exercise strategies – to prevent the onset of those diseases.

    Teacher and innovator.

    These clear, scientific results inspired Joe to create Genomic Solutions NOW!® with Dr. Roberta Kline. He believed that all healthcare practitioners – and their patients – should benefit from genomic testing and interpretation. Joe’s drew upon his additional background in professorial positions at Texas A&M and the University of Georgia to create fun, engaging, informative GSN course modules.

    Joe recognizes the face of medicine has changed; the genomic revolution has gathered enough momentum to create a tipping point. He envisions a field of healthcare professionals who leverage the results of genomic testing and interpretation into incredibly individualized and personalized patient-centered care. The way it should have always been.