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The Best Value in Genomic Testing Available Today!

GSN translates a large amount of genomic data into practical action steps you can use. We give you specific interpretations AND recommendations unique to you and your DNA results.

Email us to find a clinician in your area - please include your city and state (and country if outside the U.S.).


What Are You Hoping to Achieve?

GSN genomic tests can help you learn what YOU need for optimal health based on your DNA. Imagine if you knew...

  • Your potential for developing a specific medical condition such as osteoporosis, diabetes, Alzheimer's disease, depression, breast cancer, autoimmune disease, or heart attack... AND what you can do to change it?
  • Which foods and/or supplements you need for peak performance?
  • How to personalize your exercise program to give you optimal results and minimize downtime?
  • How to stop the yo-yo weight loss cycle and learn what will work for YOU for long-term success?
  • Whether hormones are more risky for you, and what you can do to reduce that risk?
  • How to optimize your nutrition and lifestyle for a healthy pregnancy- for you and your baby?
  • What your children need for health -- and what they don't?


Learn the answers to these questions and much more with GSN's highly personalized genomic reports.

Email us to find a clinician in your area - please include your city and state (and country if outside the U.S.).

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How easy is GSN testing to use?

Simply swab your cheek with our specially designed swabs, and your DNA is then analyzed by our certified lab.

Every testing company generates reports based on the laboratory findings. However, the value of the genomic test depends wholly upon the interpretation of those laboratory results.


At Genomic Solutions Now, our reports are different. We do all the research to bring you information that is meaningful and personalized to you, with:

  • Easy to read reports, with clear explanations of your results
  • Specific action steps you can take with your diet and lifestyle, as well as nutritional supplements
  • What lab testing can you do to make sure what you are doing is working... without waiting until you get symptoms


Are you ready to step onto a science-based path of health and wellness?

The time to act is now. Don't wait another day. Get on the best path to health and wellness designed specifically for you!

Email us to find a clinician in your area- please include your city and state (and country if outside the U.S.).
Why choose GSN?  
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