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  1. GSN Ultimate Health and Wellness Genomic Panel

    GSN Ultimate Health and Wellness Genomic Panel

    The most comprehensive look at health available today, this panel combines all of our other panels and more for an in-depth evaluation of genes across many different physiological, biochemical, and metabolic systems connected to the most common health issues seen today. For the ultimate genomic blueprint that can be applied across all age groups, with gender-specific reports providing personalized nutrigenomic strategies, this panel provides the ultimate value. Includes 441 gene and 1380 variant interpretations.

  2. GSN CardioMetabolic Genomic Panel

    GSN CardioMetabolic Genomic Panel

    Just as no two individuals have the same genotype, men and women also differ in how genes impact areas related to cardiovascular disease, hypertension, diabetes, and metabolic syndrome. This comprehensive panel with gender-specific reports provides information regarding genes and personalized nutrigenomic strategies that may impact these health conditions related to CardioMetabolic Disease. Includes 170 gene and 515 variant interpretations.

  3. GSN Complete Health Genomic Panel

    GSN Complete Health Genomic Panel

    The most common health issues for men and women are hormonal health (including prostate or breast and cervical cancer), infertility, heart disease, diabetes, osteoporosis, migraine, stress response, exercise, thyroid function and nutrition. With gender-specific reports, this genomic panel can help provide insight needed to personalize prevention and treatment programs for these important health concerns. Includes 136 gene and 406 variant interpretations.

  4. GSN Sports and Exercise Performance Genomic Panel

    GSN Sports and Exercise Performance Genomic Panel

    Athletes are always looking for a competitive edge, and genomic testing can be a powerful tool in getting to the next level. Whether for a high-performance athlete, a weekend warrior, or someone who just wants to improve overall fitness, this panel provides gender-specific reports that can help personalize an exercise and training regimen to maximize performance and minimize injury. Includes 97 gene and 286 variant interpretations.

  5. GSN Emotional Health Genomic Panel

    GSN Emotional and Cognitive Health Genomic Panel

    Emotional and mental health mean different things to women and men, and involve a complex interaction between our genes and our environment. Neurotransmitter imbalances, mood disorders, response to stress, trauma, cognitive function, and adequate sleep are just some of the areas commonly affecting emotional health today. This extensive panel evaluates genes and provides gender-specific information important in developing personalized nutrigenomic strategies that address many of the areas involved in emotional and mental health. Alzheimer's disease and recovery from brain injury are examples of common cognitive dysfunctions that can impact quality of life. Includes 81 gene and 242 variant interpretations.

  6. GSN Emotional Health Genomic Panel

    GSN Immune Health Genomic Panel

    Inflammation is a common theme that is involved in nearly all chronic diseases, including cancer. Genes associated with the immune system regulate and control many pro-inflammatory molecules, including cytokines, and over or under response of our immune system can potentially influence a disease process. This comprehensive panel evaluates genes and provides gender-specific reports with personalized nutrigenomic strategies for optimizing proper functioning of the immune system. Includes 91 gene and 264 variant interpretations.

  7. GSN Weight Management PLUS Genomic Panel

    GSN Weight Management Genomic Panel

    The current strategy recommended by many of simply eating less, exercising more, and just needing willpower to lose and maintain weight is outdated. Achieving or maintaining optimal body weight and health is a complex interplay between genes, gender, emotions, biochemistry, hormones, metabolism, dietary intake, exercise, toxins, inflammation and belief systems. This comprehensive panel reflects this cutting edge approach, and helps to personalize weight loss and weight management strategies with gender-specific reports. Includes 125 gene and 365 variant interpretations.

  8. GSN Detox Genomic Panel

    GSN Detox Genomic Panel

    Detoxification is a complex process that involves the biotransformation and elimination of potential toxic substances from the body. Impaired detoxification has been linked with many diseases and conditions, including obesity, heart disease, diabetes, fatigue, infertility, cancers, and more. This panel provides gender-specific reports and personalized nutrigenomic strategies for optimizing all facets of detoxification, for a solid evaluation of this critical function. Includes 28 gene and 80 variant interpretations.

  9. GSN Detox Complete Genomic Panel

    GSN Detox Complete Genomic Panel

    Many of the nutrigenomic strategies used in improving detoxification strategies rely on adequate levels of functioning nutrients. Adding nutrient utilization to the Detox Panel gives you a complete picture of the effective interventions needed to optimize detoxification, including gender-specific interpretations and nutrigenomic strategies. Includes 69 gene and 1205 variant interpretations.

  10. GSN Nutrient Utilization Genomic Panel

    GSN Nutrient Utilization Genomic Panel

    Nutrition is a key foundation of health, and dietary choices and nutritional supplements can impact gene expression and affect health. Genes can also impair the ability to convert nutrients found in food or supplements into their active form. This panel with gender-specific reports enables you to create a personalized diet and nutritional supplement program by evaluating genes involved in key aspects of nutrient utilization, along with factors influencing food choices. Includes 34 gene and 100 variant interpretations.

  11. GSN Genomic testing is available only through registered clinicians.