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"GSN is my "go to" now for genomic testing. Prior to using GSN, I was going through mountains of 23 & Me reports and it was just not productive use of time for both patients and myself. The reports generated with the GSN testing get right to the point and you can spend much more productive time with patients developing treatment plans that meet their individual needs. You may also want to check out their education website, lots of good stuff happening there and more on the horizon."

Kim McConnell, MS, RDN, LDN, CLT


"I was so impressed with Drs. Kline and Veltmann's credentials and experience, I included them as guest presenters on Nutrigenomics for my on-line IFMNT Training program.  My students and I have been very impressed with their knowledge and I consider the incredibly comprehensive combination of testing and interpretive, action-step oriented results their company provides unparalleled. I have looked at many companies testing genomics and while there are a few good ones, this one gets my vote, hands down. In fact, I just sprang for the "ultimate panel" and I'm so glad I did. There is more information in my 76 pages of results than I've received in a life-time of medical visits! And even with my nutrition know-how, I have more direction now than I could have ever much makes sense now that I know my Genomics! These guys make it super easy to understand and know very specifically what to do with the information - it was worth every penny! 

Susan Allen, RD, CCN


"My patients love all the information in their reports, and it saves me time so I can focus on implementing their care plan."

Annie Rafter, APRN




"After having been treated for breast cancer and now struggling with autoimmune disease, my genomic profile revealed some of the reasons why I had been vulnerable to developing the breast cancer, and elucidated SNPs related to other conditions I was contending with, including poor vitamin D metabolism, blood sugar dysregulation, low bone density, and eliminating toxins through my liver. Having this information was priceless, as it enabled [my physician] to personalize my healthcare plan, using the information to guide her in determining which supplements and dietary protocols would be most beneficial for me, and how best to support my detoxification- both beneficial things as well as what to avoid. Whether you are seeking answers to current health issues, or just want to work towards preventing poor health in the first place, I highly recommend genomic testing. It has made a world of difference in my health and my life."

Lisa A., CT

"After my DNA testing, I learned of several SNPs that predisposed me to systemic inflammation in my body. Of course with inflammation being the root cause of so many chronic diseases....I was literally setting myself up to succumb to chronic diseases down the road, all the while thinking I was doing the right thing! Additionally I was already taking some vitamin supplements prior to my DNA testing, only to find out that the majority of the supplements that I was taking were either not necessary OR not the correct form of the supplement to be most bioavailable to my body based on my genes. So the DNA testing saved me a fortune in wasted dollars on supplements that had no benefit to my body based on my genes. Everything recommended has dramatically improved all of my lab tests and I feel Amazing! Because of my DNA testing, I now feel like I am no longer driving without my headlights on!  Although I can't change my bad genes, I know how to influence what lies ahead with diet, supplements etc that can down-regulate my bad genes.  I think that every doctor in this country should require DNA testing as a baseline to healthcare and quite frankly I will never go see another doctor again who does not first consider my DNA, otherwise he/she is only treating me, not healing me!"

Shane R., GA